Dj Khaled and Nicole Tuck at 2016 MTV Video Awards in Madison Square August 28.

DJ Khaled cried tears of joy as his son was born. The producer and recording artist Snapchatted on Saturday, October 22, that their son was on his way, sharing a video of Tuck in the hospital with a hand on her belly. 

“Dr. my son want to see me,” he captioned the clip as he said, “Doctor, it’s go time, right?”

“The water broke, so now it’s a time thing,” he could be heard saying in another video as several excited friends and family members could be seen waiting outside the delivery room.

Khaled, 40, told Jimmy Kimmel back in June that he wanted to Snapchat his son’s “whole birth.” When asked what his longtime partner, 39, thought about that, he responded, “The key is that I’m the king and every queen should support the king. I’m going to talk to the doctor and if the doctor says everything is gonna run smooth, meaning that we wanna make sure that the queen is right and my son is right. If it’s running smooth where I can just do my thing, I’mma Snapchat the whole thing.” and he did. The DJ Snapchatted for hours as he waited anxiously for his child to be born. When the baby finally arrived, Khaled documented the tears of joy on his face as he heard his little boy’s first cries. “My baby’s here!” he exclaimed. “He’s so beautiful. I love him.”

He followed it up with a video showing the doctor putting an ink print of his son’s tiny foot on his forearm. “I love you son!!!’ he captioned the clip.

DJ Khaled got an ink print of his son’s tiny foot on his arm minutes after the baby was born on Sunday, October 23.

The excited dad told sources that he talked to his unborn child every day.

“I’ve always wanted a family,” he told sources at a listening party for his album Major Key . “God is great. He’s blessing me. I talk to my son through her belly every day. It’s a vibe.”

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