Nigeria’s leading investigative daily, PREMIUM TIMES, on Thursday signed a deal with Abuja-based talk radio, WE FM 106.3, for collaboration on investigative reporting and amplification of contents.

The collaboration has the primary objective of enhancing good governance in Nigeria, officials of the two organisations said at the corporate headquarters of PREMIUM TIMES in Abuja.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Editor-in-Chief of PREMIUM TIMES, Musikilu Mojeed, and Steve Gukas, the Managing Director of WE FM.

In his remarks at the event, Mr. Mojeed emphasized the need for media organizations in Nigeria to collaborate and partner despite being competitors.

“Today we are trying to work together,” he said. “I am sure that what is happening today will show the way to other newspapers about how to collaborate even in the face of competition,” he said.

The multiple award winning journalist made reference to how collaboration by reporters around the world on Panama papers reporting yielded one of the most far-reaching journalistic impacts ever.

PREMIUM TIMES is the only Nigerian publication with full access to the Panama Papers.

“Look at the impact of the Panama Papers, look at the number of reporters working together in close to a hundred countries, and working on the same story for over one year and no one got to know about it,” Mr. Mojeed said.

“The confidentiality wasn’t broken. These reporters collaborated, and they worked together as colleagues. And look at the worldwide impact, look at the number of people who had to resign their jobs (after the stories broke). The stories are still being told as we speak. That is the power of collaboration.

“There is power in collaboration; people coming together. Look at your strength, bring your strength to the table, and see how you can blend your strength (with others) to create a better society.”

In his speech, Mr. Gukas said he was excited at the prospect of the partnership.

“This represents a larger opportunity and a signpost of the beginning of something that I think is the way forward,” he said.

“You used the word collaboration and I like that. But I will also like to add the word amplification, in the sense that, whilst that collaboration allows us to work together on a lot of things, it also allows us to use our areas of comparative strength to amplify what we are doing.

“It’s almost the conventional traditional media versus the new media. And whilst on new media, you have a lot of push and you have a lot of reach, there is still a large population of people that are reached by the traditional conventional media, which we represent.

“So I see a situation where what you do is further amplified in terms of its reach and impact,” the radio chief said.

Speaking earlier, Stanley Bentu, the Director of Programmes at WE FM, praised PREMIUM TIMES journalism, especially its leadership position in investigative reporting in the country.

He said the deal would be of tremendous benefit to both organizations.

“We believe that WE FM and PREMIUM TIMES share a lot of values, and that we have a willingness, desire, hunger to improve, to go through deeper level and bring to the people something that is closer to what will be considered international best practices.

“PREMIUM TIMES has been able to do that in the area of Investigative Journalism and WE FM has been able to do that in the area of opening conversation that would further objectives that can create an atmosphere for good governance in Nigeria.

“With this strength that we have coming together to push the agenda of quality media reportage and result-driven conversation, we think we can actually move or become a big example for others to follow,” Mr. Bentu said.

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