Earlier this year apple had into its cuffers Gliimpse-a healthcare startup (founded by Anil Sethi and Karthik Hariharan in 2003 who said his sister’s battle with cancer coupled with unavailability of concise online health records data. The startup curates people’s health data from labs, health centers and pharmacies-with user’s permission and later converts these informations into a single file that doctors can use to evaluate overall state of health. Users are also encouraged to make anonymous donations of the data to a “national health graph,” as it will help medical researchers in their work. 

On Tuesday, Apple got everyone talking with another of its typically cryptic launch event save-the-dates: “See you on the 7th,” the invite read, with no other information other than a location (which is in San Francisco). But based on years of tradition — and lots of tech-industry rumours — We strongly believe the iPhone 7 is going to be unveiled soon.

Apple is expected to launch the newest iPhone and iPhone Plus, since that’s what historically happens in September. According to 9 to 5 Mac , the new iPhone will be very similar to last year’s model, with tiny visual tweaks, faster processors, and no 16-gigabyte storage option.
Bloomberg reports that it will have a dual-rear camera, which will make photos brighter and zooming better, and possibly a different type of home button. A new patent might hint to the phone being waterproof, Quartz reports, which would be huge.

Rumour has it that the iPhone 7 comes with one huge difference: the new model reportedly won’t have a headphone jack,  instead, you’ll have to plug your headphones into the same port you use to charge your iPhone, or use Bluetooth or AirPlay-enabled headphones. And that also means you’ll either have to buy new iPhone-optimized headphones or an adapter to plug in old ones which will make the phone much thinner, while other reports suggest that it will make room for other features, like improved speakers-Apple bought Beats in 2014, which may well have something to do with the decision.

There might be an upgraded Apple Watch too.

The Verge notes that it’s been two years since the Apple Watch went on sale, and the only new model came out six months later. The new model is believed to be faster and possibly also include a camera. According to CNET , there will likely be an upgraded GPS tracker and better fitness tracking in general.

The only guaranteed update is a new operating system.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company promised an upgrade to the software that powers every device, from iPhones to Apple Watches and Macs. You’ll finally be able to delete apps you don’t use, like Stocks and Compass, you’ll get transcribed voicemails so you don’t have to actually listen to them, and you’ll get more fun iMessages including giant emojis and doodles.

Head to Apple’s website on 7 September at 6pm (GMT) to watch the keynote live. The stream will only work on Safari browsers, though, so make sure you have that downloaded beforehand.​
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