Earlier this year, Globacom communications network was announced to have acquired the largest internet subscription user base. 
To add more value for their customers Glo introduced ‘data overload’ which was a bundle that comes with more data at a more cheaper price just to rival Airtel’s lavish data plan. However, we feel Glo may be choking on this venture.

To put these claims to rest, The Brand radio went ahead to purchase this product, subscribed to the data plan and tested the network all the way from Lagos central down to the highways and OLUMO rock-the highest elevation in Abeokuta Ogun state and our findings weren’t satisfactory. A tweet was sent to this brand’s customer care line on twitter but all we still saw on their timeline was customer dissatisfactions.

Few days later Glo sacked over 52 of its Network optimization engineers read more here

​Today after much ado, a disgruntled customer decided to go full throttle and post his complaints on a social media forum.

Read: “after almost a week of testing, I have finally gotten tired of Glo. Now, it is necessary to note at this junction that I am a heavy user of all the networks – MTN (2 Sims), Airtel (2 Sims), Etisalat (1 sim) and Glo (1 recent sim). Like everyone within the past 2 months, I had been inundated with the recent Glo data offers (#1000 for a Bazillion gb). So exactly on monday this week, I decided to take the bite and try out Glo again (after an almost 3yr hiatus).

Its been 4days now, and even though I hardly write, I had to sit down and pen these cogent reasons on why Glo will be the loser of the data Wars.

1. Super Poor Network Connection: Yes. As everyone knows, Glo and poor network are 5 & 6 and its only someone working in Glo office that will tell you otherwise. Get used to super slow network the likes you probably haven’t seen since the late 2000s. I could wager my money that even the Airtel 2g is faster that Glo 3g at times. Proof? A simple Google or Nairaland search will convince you (check the post date.)

2. Frequent Disconnection: During my few days of Data hell, it was as if Glo owned my phone. What with the frequent data disconnections and network vanishing at intervals. I had never experienced such sorcery prior to Glo. This may have been the end of my sorrows until….

3. GPS: Remember when I said it was as if Glo owned my phone? Yea right. They had to one up themselves didn’t they? Any time I put on my data connection, so would My GPS be unceremoniously turned on. I suspected foul play on Glo ‘s part and a simple Google search brought me to this page on NL – confirming my suspicion. Glo was the culprit!!! Did anyone inform Glo I played Pokemon Go? Wetin person dey use GPS do for naija? I tire.

Glo seriously just had to know where I was. . Even if you turn it off, within a minute it was back again. And God help you if you sleep off without putting off your data. Just kiss your fully charged battery Goodbye. Especially in this era that Nepa doesn’t have joy

This was the last straw. I couldn’t take it again (I probably will until my subscription expires Sunday. So, yes. I posted this with Glo). A bad User experience coupled with poor network? Glo is silently but surely heading for the data Gallows-says the anonymous user.

We at the Brand radio are hoping that the first proponent of underground sea and fibre optic cables is doing something drastically to resolve this issue.

Presently, Airtel Nigeria is winning the data war while Etisalat has clinched best customer service relations in Nigeria.

Via: Nairaland

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