A lot of people are interested in BREXIT as if it really matters to ordinary people in Nigeria-I’m afraid, it doesn’t. The BREXIT shows that the sovereignty of the state and its fate is vested in the majority of the people. It does not matter whether it is not the politically and economically ‘right ‘ choice as claimed by politicians, what matters is that the people via their votes are clear on the issue.


I am interested in the regional shake-up that this might bring to the UK and how these tensions would be resolved in the most legitimate and fair manner. It will teach us a national lesson about the Nigerian type of federalism that is stuck in her general’s ways. We should not remain at the level of questions, we should begin to consider consolidated citizen action and referendums.

So the BREXIT is not a Nigerian’s business in its specifity as a mundane elitist beer room conversation or as a usual middle class global informed citizen doublespeak. It is in its relation to the flexibility of the coloniser and the rigidity of the colonised in post-colonial times, it is about the challenge of democracy and the true position and estimation of the people’s power placed side by side with parliament, politicians and proletariats. Do people want their regions back? Do they want their cities back? How about their tourism sites, their schools, their languages?

As a regional force, we must measure the cost. We must ask the questions about our public diplomatic goals and how we have been able to achieve them as a ‘giant’ in the committee of regional organisations. This is threading on a national ‘no-go’ area but it is what it is-count the cost, measure the results and make the right decisions for the people through a consensus or you let the people force you to make one.

BREXIT also speaks to me in so many personal ways, I sympathise with people who are exiting long held beliefs in Christ, Muhammed, Budha, Krishna, Obatala and their long-winding faiths for a rational and modernist life. It is in this freedom to have options and to be respected by these choices of options in areas like the Islamised Northern Nigeria, the Christian Southern Nigeria (not as far apart as not having Christians in the North and Muslims in the South), as an entity with personal, human and national rights that shows that we are truly graced by an omnipresent force not by any act of overt or covert sentimentality or force.

In an age where people are easily shouted down by politically correct social media zombies and self made religious, social and literary iconoclasts, people should assert their rights to self worth as males without being labelled ‘homophobic’, ‘egocentric’, ‘bigot’ and as females without being labelled ‘feminist’ ‘manhater’ ‘bitch’ ‘gboko-gboko’ and all other appellations meant to force a conformity.

Femi Morgan (Write house/Tell magazine)

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