Marriage they say is the union between man and woman and according to the bible, a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his partner.

However, different is the case when a married couple or partner decide to enter into a mutual partnership or agreement with a worldwide Brand or Brands.

According to the business dictionary celebrity endorsement is a form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service. If you put a face to a name, the more likely you’ll remember it, and marketers know the same goes with pitching celebrities to their brands.


Tiwa Savage-Brand ambassador PepsiCo., MasterCard & Pampers.

Companies invest large sums of money to align their brands and themselves. If you put a face to a name, the more likely you’ll remember it, and marketers know the same goes with hitching celebrities to their brands however some brands reject celebrity endorsement outright because companies know there are enormous risks when you choose a celebrity-endorsement approach. Many have learned the hard way; ask brands like Coca-Cola on the speedy Michael Vick sponsorship, Nike with athletes like Oscar Pristorius, Manny Pacquiao, Lance Armstrong and Maria Sharapova (Tag Bauer & Porsche also sacked her), Serena Williams had a close shave, T.i with General Motors in 2008 after he tried purchasing a gun illegally from agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Tiger Woods with General Motors and Gatorade (though Nike and Tag hauer stood by him), Chris Brown with Wrigley chewing gum in the 2009 abuse of rihanna, conversely Rihanna lost her Nivea endorsement.



On thursday 11th of April 2013; After women’s rights organizations staged a protest against Rick Ross and his controversial “U.O.E.N.O.” lyrics in front of Reebok’s NYC headquarters last week, the sneaker company Reebok, revoked endorsement deals with Rick Ross on his non-apology for suggestive rape lyrics on the song. Although  Rozay tried to make amends by issuing an apology on Twitter much later. [ “Apologies to my many business partners,who would never promote violence against women. @ReebokClassics @ultraviolet,” he wrote. “I dont condone rape.Apologies for the #lyric interpreted as rape. #BOSS”]

Choosing the right celebrity can have a huge impact on a brand. The advertiser will need to select the right candidate that will represent their image and promise of their brands. If celebrities do something that could affect their image the brand may have a decrease in sales and the advertiser will need to choose carefully and select a celebrity that will continue to increase the growth of the brand. Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry all know how to sell, and business publications praise their business smarts as they’ve masters social media and expands their brands beyond entertainment and music.


Ronke Omorodion (Legal Practitioner & Founder/Author of Legal insights for business on Facebook).

Speaking with Ronke Omorodion on the ‘quandary’ faced by Brands on Nigerian celebrity endorsements; Omorodion, a legal practitioner with interest and speciality in intellectual property management said ‘there are no specific laws governing brand endorsement at least not in Nigeria. It all depends on the kind of contract that was signed by the artiste when they agreed to become brand ambassadors for the Brand’. However she further stated that clauses may appear in the terms of contract being “termination of contract on negative publicity”.

When advertisers are choosing which celebrities to have endorse there products, there are things to consider in order to create a successful campaign. Many researches have been done and theories concluded includes:

Match-up hypothesis:

The Match-up Hypothesis outlines that in order for an advertisement using a celebrity endorser to be successful, there must be an appropriate fit between the endorsing celebrity and the product or brand. The celebrity endorser is deemed more credible, knowledgeable and persuasive when they match the brand or product.

Case study: The recent endorsement of Mavin’s Korede Bello for the Nigerian Police force.


Terry G may have fitted more into this role and brand campaign against violence, him being around for a longtime and being perceived by the general public as groomed from the streets”.


        Terry G-Nigerian afro-pop singer

Talking about numbers, a brand endorsement with a good match-up hypothesis can force number of followership up both for the celebrity endorser and the Brand endorsed”. Terry G already has the numbers and track record.

Source Attractiveness Model:

The Source Attractiveness Model states that the extent to which a message is effective relies on the similarity, likeability, familiarity and attractiveness of the endorser. Ilicic and Webster stated that attractive communicators produce higher product or brand recall rates, increased purchase intention with consumers and overall greater likeability.

Case study: This theory is what makes attractive model endorsements work for fashion and cosmetic brands.


Meaning Transfer theory:

The Meaning Transfer Theory, states that consumers receive meaning from symbolic associations between the celebrity and the product or brand. According to this theory, the advertising message is only effective if the endorser is able to deliver meaning to the product or brand that matches their values.


Case study: Celebrity (first time) mom Tiwa Savage endorses Pampers on #momknowsbest campaign 2015-2016.

Source Credibility Model:

The Source Credibility Model states that the effectiveness of an advertising message relies on the consumer’s perception of how expert and trustworthy the celebrity endorser is.

Now this last theory brings us to the current issue trending about Pamper’s and Pepsi Ambassador, Tiwa Savage and husband Tunji Balogun a.k.a Teebillz’s.


           Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz

On thursday, earlier this week, Tee Billz opened a suposed can of worms about his marriage to pop singer, Tiwa Savage which led to a public social media meltdown. It would be recalled that their three-year-old marriage has been having problems since last year when the celebrated singer sacked her husband as her manager and Tee Billz protégé Meka Millions took over the reigns. Since then, there have been whispers of things falling apart between them. In 2014  Tiwa failed to wish her husband a happy birthday on her social media page as it was part of her tradition; this being a sign that the relationship was heading down south.

Watch her exclusive interview granted to pulsetv here:

It came to light that Teebillz had physically abused her, and she’s had to move out of the house temporarily to stay with a friend on grounds of cheating. However, families and friends prevailed on the couple not to give up on their marriage.

Charley boy (@CharlesOputa) addressed this on his Instagram page.

Recent studies of hundreds of endorsements have indicated that sales for some brands increased up to 20% upon commencing an endorsement deal. According to Anita Elberse, associate professor at Harvard Business School, some companies have seen their stock increase by .25% on the day the deal was announced. However there is the issue and risk of overexposure (i.e the Celeb image overshadowing the brand itself). We receive thousands of commercial images per day and our subconscious absorbs more than 150 images and roughly 30 reach our conscious mind. Therefore, practice has it that if you use a celebrity-endorsement strategy, you dramatically accelerate the potential for your brand to reach the conscious mind of the consumer.

Are we witnessing the decline and fall of “celebrity brand image and attitude” in Nigeria?  I will say No!

Celebrities are human themselves.

It’s true that not every brand needs a celebrity-Moreover if there were a face for every brand out there, it would be an identification apocalypse!!.

On the flipside, celebrity endorsement has the power to instigate, inspire, enlighten, enrage, entertain and edify the consumer. Its inherent benefits are that it can be leveraged across multiple channel experiences (and potentially services), cuts through advertising clutter, creates a brand narrative and allows for channel-specific optimization. Ultimately, celebrity endorsement is always worth investing in if you have the right person. It’s an expensive but easy option for companies, but it should be treated like a marriage with added creature comforts that make the partnership work:

Talking about marriages; endorsements and partnerships in the present generation (where divorce rates are directly proportional to the rate of accelerated product sales itself) may be getting tougher for Brands while endorsing Nigerian celebrities. Companies remain mum on outright decisions about celebrities that goof!







Screenshots: source- celeb’s instagram page.








         Wizkid and the many travails.

The opportunity to create new markets and/or tap into an activation base of fans, the ability to spark sales by enticing consumers to learn more about the brand, the option to build reciprocity into the partnership by supporting the celebrity endorser’s brand, the means to promote a unique, relevant and sustainable brand attribute that might be hard to attain otherwise is what makes the ever dangerous waters of celebrity endorsement irresistible for Brands. And just as wildebeasts cross the crocodile laden Zambesi river every year for a greener pasture, some brands survive and some may never. The secret is to never trust an animal no matter how many legs it has. However before we “kill the goose that lays the golden egg” let’s recognize that celebrity endorsements can/may never gone out of vogue because the rewards of relying on an endorser can far outweigh the risks. What we search for in celebrities is not so far from what we search for in our friends.

My names still remains: Jimmy Adesanya (Facebook, LinkedIn,behance)

Additional credits: Ronke Omorodion, Tofarati Ige, illicic and webster

©thebrandradio 2016. All rights reserved.


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