Odunayo Odushina a.k.a A.Y (the hearty glo security officer)

The bane of gross negligence of duty and staff nonchalance in Africa, most especially Nigeria has eaten deep and destroyed alot of things which affect our daily lives. I blame these on two reasons,

1) Most Salary structures  and remunerations are still based on monthly basis and not per hour.

2) Most terms of employment and remunerations are not result driven rather its dependent on staff just appearing at work to sign or clock in and feedbacks statistics no longer matter to the CEO’s.

A typical African or Nigerian start-up sits down to develop a business idea, cooks up proposals, gets the necessary investors but fails to properly forecast on continuity and expansion on product service and most especially customer satisfactions and feedback. I made a postulation few years back on this same yello brand saying “if care is not taken how the cookies would crumble is never going to be palatable for the brand”. Years down the line this same brand has suffered scandals, fines and even lost customers despite being the biggest advertising spender in Nigeria.

Banks; GTBANK had all its strategy planned out and are presently reaping fruits of their labour, but uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Diamond bank is strongly on their trail. But I don’t intend to be a prophet of doom-i just look at a time when things would work fine and seemlessly like they should.

My major argument centres more on Nigerian hospitals, banks and telecomms companies.

Cutback: a colleague of mine dislocated his shoulder at work recently; and being a practising private physiotherapist and freelance creative I stepped in to reduce the dislocation in a simple orthopaedic maneuvre but along the line i discovered the extent of the injury would require reduction under anaesthesia. I referred him to one of the general hospitals in Lagos and sincerely let me save you the embarrasements and sad stories of how we were attended to. I enjoy being anonymous as a medical practitioner in several situations i’ve been opportuned to encounter like this.

This recent story happened to my former boss in one of the advertising agencies i’ve interned with. Please read his excerpts:




       MTN service centre opebi lagos

As written by Akinyele Olalekan (Lexain)

So I walk into MTN Nigeria service centre at Opebi Round About (Picture attached) to reduce my micro sim to a nano sim so as to put it into my new phone. I got there in a hurry, trying to beat time and the first irritable act I encountered was how the attendants were tossing me around just to receive a tally number. I was told of the 50/50 chance of my sim working after the reduction so I decided to give it a shot. It was reduced quite alright but the sim decided not to work. I immediately made up my mind to swap the sim card for a new one and I was given a form to fill in 6 numbers I call frequently and unfortunately I could only remember two (in this age and the internet of things, who remembers numbers?). So I decided to see a senior attendant and see if she could help with the two numbers and other details I have filled in the form. I was hoping that she could just log into the data base and confirm afterall, I am registered unto the network. She failed to help and I did not waste my time to have a fruitless conversation so I just packed my belongings and headed to the Glo service centre (Picture attached) that is almost adjacent the MTN service centre.


GLO service centre same opebi in ikeja, Lagos.

I got there with the intention of swapping the sim card to a nano sim card immediately after the MTN experience and there I was again with a form to fill including five numbers I call frequently. So here I was with the same scenario as with MTN. Meanwhile there was this security guy called A.Y (As seen in the Picture) and he was going to and fro helping customers with whatever they wanted to do. I decided to ask for his help, lo and behold, he reduced the micro sim card to a nano sim card and it worked, in-fact, he complained about how the MTN nano sim card was cut and reduced unprofessionally. I was stunned and decided to engage him in a conversation. His full name is ODUNAYO ODUSHINA a graduate of Business Administration from Ogun state polytechnic, igbesa. He is happy with his current job hoping that one day he would get a better opportunity to serve more customers.

I wonder why he’s wearing a security man’s uniform when he is supposed to be at the desk attending to customers he loves to help. This knows more about customer service than many people behind a desk. Glo World please do something about this young man who can be a better ambassador of the brand and project the brand in a better light unlike the MTN counterparts.

Written by: Akinyele Olalekan (lexain)
Additional contributions from Jimmy Adesanya (Facebook,LinkedIn,behance)

©thebrandradio 2016. All rights reserved.

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