Ang Lee (Filmaker-Director)

Any worries Ang Lee had about how the technologists at the Future of Cinema Conference would receive his presentation of footage from “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” were laid to rest on Saturday.


The presentation of an 11-minute sequence from the film in its native format (3D, at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second for each eye) electrified the conference in Las Vegas, leaving even experienced pros grasping for superlatives to convey what they had seen. Their praise wasn’t reserved for the technology, but for the film itself as well.

Former Disney exec, now Society of Motion Picture Engineers (SMPTE ) executive Howard Lukk told sources that moments after emerging from a showing “I’m stunned. It’s a really powerful film, and a really clear presentation. It’s the best 3D I’ve ever seen in my life. The 3D is really, really good on this thing. Absolutely amazing.”

Visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren was in the very first screening, along with “Avatar” producer Jon Landau, high-frame-rate pioneer Douglas Trumbull and numerous other VIPs. Muren, a friend of Lee’s since they worked together on “Hulk,” told sources “I thought it was amazing and incredibly emotional. I started to talk to Ang about the technology stuff and said ‘What the heck am I talking about? It’s an emotional film. I’m totally with this guy and the experience he’s going through, as though I was there, at the moment, looking at it.’ Muren, a fan of high frame rate cinema, said of the 120fps format, “You can see the difference. And feel the difference. It’s really about feeling.”

The big question many had coming in was: Will it look like television. The answer to that was “yes and no.” Several people felt that for the first few seconds, they thought it looked like a TV soap, but it quickly began to feel like nothing they’d seen before.

Watch: Movie review by the Reel Panel.

The movie which featured ace actor Vin Diesel showcased a sequence of 11 minutes intercutting an Iraq War battle with a celebration of the soldiers at an NFL game in Dallas. The experience of the soldiers at home, as performers (almost props) in a celebration in a darkened stadium, contrasts with their firefight and hand-to-hand combat of the Iraq scenes.

Watch: Behind the scenes ‘Long halftime walk’ (Vin diesel):

The clarity and the almost VR-like sense of presence it creates gives the battle sequences a profound impact. One viewer said after emerging, “Every American ought to see this, this way; then we wouldn’t have any wars for a while.”

Excerpt-Watch: Billy Lynn Long halftime walk (full movie) here by 20th Century Fox:

Courtesy: Lloyd FOX

Compiled and edited by: Jimmy Adesanya (Facebook/LinkedIn)

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