Five years ago Steve Jobs may have been right on his quote that Adobe Flash never stood a chance of surviving in the same world as HTML5. A couple of weeks back it was reported that Mozilla was pulling the plug on Firefox OS and adobe was laying Adobe flash to rest to be replaced totally by New animate CC / HTML5 by January 2016. But recent developments show Mozilla has some other plans. It’s still true that we won’t be seeing phones running Firefox OS any longer and this hasn’t changed. The plan for Firefox OS smartphones may be dead but Firefox OS itself is still alive.
Some internal documents have leaked showing Mozilla has bigger plans for the platform and it’s not just about smartphones and smart TVs. According to a report from reliable sources these documents are authentic and the plan is to use the OS in educational tablets, smart routers and standalone keyboards.

Firefox Pad


This isn’t a tablet aimed at tech-savvy individuals but the document says it’s for late adopters and the elderly. It’s a tab dedicated solely for browsing the web.

Firefox Pi


Firefox Pi isn’t just an ordinary keyboard, it’s a standalone keyboard pre-installed with Raspberry Pi and can act as a computer when plugged into a monitor or PC. Also, this is targeted at the education market.

Firefox Stick


This idea looks like Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick. This Firefox OS HDMI stick works like other dongles performing similar functions and turns your regular TV to a smart TV.

Firefox Hub


Firefox Hub is a planned router that’s going to run Firefox OS. The idea is to create a smart router with in-built privacy and parental controls and customizable options.

Nobody really knows when these devices would hit the mainstream market and this leaked documents are more or less roadmaps. There’s no official word yet and we may just have to wait. They may materialize anytime soon and we pray to see them.

Compiled, edited and posted by: Jimmy Adesanya (

Additional credits: Hypertextual.

For: ©thebrandradio 2015


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