Gillette claims that the Dollar Shave Club is stealing their catch-phrase “the Best a Man Can Get”. Dollar Shave Club has been nipping at Gillette’s loyal customers since it launched in 2011. Gillette isn’t a fan of the brand, for obvious reasons, and has filed suit in federal court claiming its online competitor has infringed on its patents.
The products in question include such Dollar Shave Club’s The Humble Twin, The 4X, and The Executive. Gillette, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, thinks these products share too many similarities with its own Mach3, Venus and Fusion razors, Fortune notes.


Gillette would like Dollar Shave Club, which has raised about $600 million in investments and has about 2 million subscribers, to refrain from producing the products in question while also shelling out monetary damages, according to Recode. That would certainly help Gillette’s bottom line. The company currently controls about 20 percent of the US market for razors and blades while Dollar Shave Club has around 8 percent after only three years in business, Fortune reports.
“We take every violation of our intellectual property seriously, and when necessary, we take legal action to defend our business as we have in the past and will continue to do in the future,” P&G spokesman Damon Jones.
P&G launched its own Gillette Shave Club back in June to try and bring defectors back from Dollar Shave Club with such lures as free shipping and a loyalty program, Cincinnati Business Courier notes. This new move appears to be phase two in its battle against Dollar Shave Club to maintain the razor’s edge in the United States.

Credits: CNBC, WSJ Via Brand channel.

Edited by: Jimmy Adesanya

Posted by: ©thebrandradio / blog


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