Have you ever wondered what could happen to your skin or the human race if the sun was brought just one (1) kilometre closer to the earth?

The Sun, a highly cosmic body sends rays of light to the planets and earth by burning dangerous gases. It is estimated to be 150million kilometres (about 93million miles) away from the earth’s surface and its diameter alone stands at a whooping 4.397million kilometers, about 109 times diameter of the Earth , accounting for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System. Its surface temperature alone is approximately 5,778 Kelvin (5,505 °C, 9,941 °F)

The Sun’s color is white, when viewed from space or when high or low in the sky; atmospheric scattering renders the Sun yellow, red, orange, or magenta. Despite this, most people mentally see the Sun as yellow boistering  an armament if helium, hydrogen and uranium gases-“now does the last gas ring a bell”? Of course yes, it is the reason why Sun Screen is added to some tan products. The damage Gamma emissions through a damaged Ozone (O3) layer can be very astounding not forgeting disastrous climatic changes that can follow this sequel.


Two weeks ago, world leaders from over 120 countries converged in the Swiss capital Copenhagen to deliberate and reach an agreement on an acceptable benchmark for acceptable limits of carbon dioxide emissions and universal global warming values for each country.

On Sunday, Fabius had to bang the gavel twice to seal the negotiations at 2°C Maximum and 1.5°C minimum values for each country and also a subsequent 5year review to be submitted to the United Nations commission on ways and steps each country is taking to curb global warming and to promote a greener and cleaner future.


Monica Ayala, Founder and Executive director at Nivela® stressed the fact that developing countries like her country Brazil and the more vulnerable countries like phillipstines and China (which was tagged the biggest polluter) would need up to a tune of $100b yearly to be able to transform to a greener country.

What has been more troubling to us at theBRAND Radio / BLOG is that the only state in Nigeria that had really raised massive awareness about a cleaner and greener metropolis was Lagos state under the Governorship of Babatunde Raji Fashola (BRF) and presently the Ogun State Government under Senator Ibikunle Amosun. These intelligent and immaculate Governors have utilized their respective agencies to the fullest by planting trees and flowers all around the metropolis. Former Governor Raji Fashola set up proper waste disposal systems, enforced environmental sanitation laws and followed prosecution of defaulters to book. He encouraged recycling with the Coca-cola company and cleared all drainages of pet bottles blocking them causing dirts and diseases. Rickety BRT buses have been removed from the streets of Lagos and new air conditioned ones are gradually replacing them.





The present Governor of Ogun state Senator Ibikunle Amosun  also an APC political candidate went as far as establishing TRACE (a traffic law enforcement agency similar to LASTMA-Lagos State traffic Management Agency) and hiring independent waste disposal contractors to clean the state.

Now if we look at all these done by some meaningful, intelligent and future thinking civil leaders much is not left to imagination as regards other African leaders diverting public funds that is meant for national security, environmental and infrastructural developments or international CEO’s and Executives of bluechip companies cutting corners and manipulating company policies and product/services to enrich their private pockets-so sad!

The Brand Radio tried monitoring media across various clusters in Nigeria but its quite disturbing to know that most broadcaste and media agencies are not creating an adequate buzz or debates on this crucial topic.

A reliable source in Nigeria confirmed that Traffic monitoring agencies like The Vehicle inspection office (V.I.O) and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) definately mandate drivers to take random carbon emission test to certify their cars road worthy, but truth is how far has this move been enforced?, wouldn’t corrupt traffic officials take this as another avenue for extorting money from motorists and releasing them back into the metropolis to continue polluting the environment?

President Obama in his remarks at the just concluded #COP21 summit said “low carbon emission is the new way to go from a fossil fuel driven world…” .He said “alot of new opportunities would emerge from a a greener future”.


A creative Ad campaign for a greener future. Agency: Unknown

A lot is left to ponder upon about the fate of Nigeria and its crude oil explorations. With the advent of an emerging green future, what is going to be the outcome on Nigeria’s economy, how is this going to affect advertising revenues if Brands are hit by a trend that is ever unpredictable and as volatile as the clean air itself.

In September 2015 VOLKSWAGEN® a reputable Brand cheated the world emissions test and now they are licking their wounds as BMW i3 green concept car holds sway in the mind of consumers as the best green car from the just concluded 2015 Geneva auto show for 2016. What is in it for the average man that cannot even afford a 65kw solar panel or 5kg cooking camp gas? what would happen to all the petrol cars that throng the city of Lagos, abeokuta, ibadan and abuja? how is our new President going to tackle these issues as the clock ticks away to 2020. These are questions begging for answers.

The Ogun State Forest Landscape Restoration Project was presented on 7 th December 2015 to the international community at the UN Climate Change Climate Conference (COP21) that held recently in Paris, following the memorandum of understanding signed in September 2015 by the Ogun State Government (Ogun State), the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and Lafarge Africa Plc.
The PPP project will transform108,000 hectares of degraded land in Ogun State into an arable green area through a Forest Landscape Restoration project aimed at launching public and private agroforestry projects with strong environmental, social and economic impact. It is a pioneering initiative demonstrating how proactive public entities can join forces with a private group to launch sustainable projects that will position Nigeria as a leader in Africa on sustainable Climate Change PPP projects.
With the theme “Regional public/private partnership initiative against climate”, a two-day side event held at the green climate generations’ areas of the COP 21 venue to showcase the public/private partnership concept as a tool for development, and to present the planned project to potential investors, development agencies, as well as Green and Climate Change funds.
The Ogun State Forest Landscape Restoration project partners led by the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, was also hosted at an event, which is dedicated to local and regional government, raising ambition, awareness and visibility of real and potential local climate action. Membership of the Senator Schwarzenegger “Regions of Climate Action” (R20) Organisation was conferred on Ogun State at the occasion.

Other dignitaries from the partnering institutions at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference include Mr. Peter Hoddinott, Area Manager South & West Africa LafargeHolcim; Mrs. Adepeju Adebajo, CEO Cement, Lafarge Africa Plc; Richard Eckrich, Head, Infrastructure Fund, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority; and Dr. Henry Neufeldt, Head, Climatic Change Unit of the World Agroforestry Centre.
Commenting on the Ogun State’s participation at the Climate Conference, Governor Amosun said: “The Forest Landscape Restoration project is a well thought initiative, in partnership with two responsible institutions, NSIA and Lafarge Africa.” He noted that almost 70% of Ogun State is arable land. There is therefore a significant potential for improving lives and livelihoods. Governor Amosun described the agroforestry project as a win-win opportunity for companies and citizens, offering a range of benefits: it will reduce CO2 emissions by increasing vegetation and eliminating the current negative slash-and-burn practices; it will create employment for young graduates and will help to diversify Nigeria’s economy.

From me Oluwafolajimi Adesanya Online editor at theBRAND Radio / BLOG we say #goGREEN9JA #goGREENAFRICA


Image credits: Jesus-metroUK, manipulated by Brand radio blog.
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