An online discussion with my colleagues sparked my interest about sharing this post by ADASH VERMA on theBRAND RADIO BLOG.

The discussion centred around advertising trends in Africa homing on stereotyped insights. Important case study referred “the banking sector-leaning on feminism to market products”.


Advertising for the year 2015 for most charismatic brands like ” DOVE” beauty soap and even DURACELL have once in a lifetime leaned on ” feminism” to market their products. Public interest campaigns and advertorials have centred around rape, women empowerment and the likes but with 2016 already knocking on our doors, digital marketing is holding sway. What trends are we all going to be talking about come 2020 with the advent of AI technology. Read this excerpts from a study conducted by Ericsson:

It wasn’t long ago when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella rooted for a future where digital assistants like Cortana will replace web browsers . Going one step ahead, a latest report by Ericsson has predicted that in next five years there won’t be any smartphones, thanks to the upcoming advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Back in 1950s, we saw the advent of devices with screens when TV started becoming popular among the masses. Later, with the arrival of computers and smartphones, the number of screens in your home continued to multiply. With time, smartphones addiction ensured that you spent a large portion of your lives in front of screens.
Let’s get back to the study conducted by Ericsson. Instead of asking experts, this study covered real human beings – 100,000 users from 39 countries. Out of this huge number, about 85 percent of smartphone users think that wearable electronic assistants will be a common sight in next 5 years.
The study reveals that 50% of users believe that they’ll be able to talk to their household appliances. This new way to interact with devices would be possible with an AI interface.
In the next 5 years, people believe that their smartphones will be replaced by such AI interface that will browse the web for you, provide travel guidance, book restaurants for you and more.
So, are tech companies are worried about this shift expected to take place in near future? No. They are already working to make these technologies more familiar to the common people. The digital assistants of your phone are getting smarter with new AI algorithms and machine learning applications.
What do you think about this future world with no smartphones?

With all said and done we leave this topic to our readers to judge how this would greatly shift advertising and brand perception in the next few years.

Written by: Jimmy Adesanya (

Additional credits: Adash Verma.

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