Comic Republic presents two issues of the award winning African female super hero titled Avonome that gets two titles in one (#3 & #4) this month! Get all the scoops plus some sneak peek pages from the forthcoming titles.


Avonome is an African fantasy themed story of journeys, growth and a girl’s search for identity. It is a metaphor for understanding ourselves and finding a common uniting ground despite our differences. It stitches several cultural bridges to form a beautiful quilt via the AVONOVERSE and preaches a strong message of hope and Identity.


It is created by one of Nigeria’s finest comic book illustrator Stanley ‘Stanch’Obende, written by Mr. Xavier Ighorodje and published by Comic Republic.


Comic republic is a comic start up passionate about empowering people through comics and super hero stories out of Africa. On the 15th of December 2015, Comic Republic will publish not one but two issues of your favourite female super hero story- Avonome. …. And the best part is, it will be free to download on !
If you’re reading this, it means you’re either excited about the next episode of Avonome scheduled for release on the 15 of December, 2015 or you’re just plain curious about other reasons.

Avonome is an African fantasy themed comic book about a girl – Avonomemi Hilda Moses, born in 1937 in the remote village of Etunor, where she disappears without a trace only to reappear in a cemetery in Lagos in recent times, with no memory of who she is or where she had been all this while , except a knowledge of her name, a mysterious companion and an unbelievable gift – the ability to see spirits. This premise in itself is fraught with a lot of questions that any first time reader would immediately raise up, like where exactly had she been all those years, how can she suddenly see spirits, who and what are her spiritual companions and where do they fit in the story? Do the people of Etunor even know she has appeared and even if they do, who was/is she to them to care? In fact where is Etunor and what are its people like? All these questions and more will be answered in the most amazing of ways, but the story is much more than these as you will get to notice in these forthcoming double issues. Brace yourselves!
The story so far introduced us to our heroine, the powers that grant her – her ability to see spirits and how these powers work, plus her naivety is revealed in all its glory as she and her companions hunt down a creature – the Karnak…ANTICIPATE! WATCHOUT!! DECEMBER 15TH 2015!!!


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