Sex and consent is a difficult issue, mainly because something that seems so simple is continually ‘misunderstood’ in rape cases.
Thames Valley Police have decided to tackle the issue by comparing sex to a well known British pastime – drinking a cup of tea.
The result is this simple, effective and at times quite funny video, which gives clear instructions as to what constitutes as sexual consent.
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The clever video goes through all the situations in which can be twisted into ‘blurred lines’ territory by certain people, all the while keeping with the tea analogy.
‘Maybe they were conscious when you asked them if they wanted tea, and they said “yes”. But in the time it took you to boil the kettle, brew the tea and add the milk they are now unconscious … Don’t make them drink the tea. They said ‘yes’ then, sure, but unconscious people don’t want tea.’
The advert is part of the #ConsentisEverything campaign being launched by Thames Valley Police.
Detective Chief Inspector Justin Fletcher said: ‘The law is very clear. Sex without consent is rape. Awareness of what sexual consent means and how to get it is vital.
‘The campaign is just one of the ways in which Thames Valley police has been working with our partners within Thames Valley Sexual Violence Prevention Group to support people affected by sexual assault and rape.’
The brilliant advert, which was originally created by Blue Seat Studios and, has gone down well on Twitter… just like a good cup of tea (sorry).

Watch and rate Ad here:

Thanks for watching.

Credits: Blue Seat Studios

Shared by: Yomi Ade

Posted by: thebrandradio blog

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