Since dope is simply in the end just another green plant, branding can make all the difference and as such, there’s a lot of money to be made by the first movers who are often the big beneficiaries of such cultural shifts. Rapper Snoop Dogg hired pentagram to design a brand identity for his ambitious line of marijuana products collectively called leafs by Snoop brand.
      marijuana,  once  demonized  then permitted for medicinal purposes and now of course, it’s increasingly “legal for recreational purposes”…First off, why leafs? If you have a pile of shrimp, you don’t call them shrimps. You’ve got more than one loaf of bread and you’ve got some loaves. And if you have more than one leaf in your stash, then those are leaves, not leafs. There is no such word as leafs! Well unless you’ve been smoking on your own hydro all by yourself. Oh well?!




Pentagram, created coherence for Snoop’s line of products that included flowers and edibles (“Dogg Treats”) such as chocolate bars, chews, drops and gummies.


  The central element is a logo based on a dope leaf, constructed of facets and carrying the brand’s name in white Hurme Geometric No.1. Apparently the look  was  derived  from   Snoop’s fondness for jewelry and fashion, with him giving the nod to one of the Pentagram idea directions that emphasized pyramids, angles and dimensional facets. Professionals found that the weakest part of the initiative, with the edgy, geometric elements of the logo and the almost illegible font type. Will this approach really succeed in what is going to be a very competitive marketplace? Tell us what you feel about the “Leafs” brand in the comments box below.

Additional Credits: Chris Dickman

Compiled and Edited by: jimmyadesanya (

Via:, adsoftheworld

Posted by: thebrandradioblog


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