Pick n Pay recently released a television commercial by Y&R to inspire South Africans to invoke Christmas nostalgia.


The commercial, conceptualised and created by Y&R South Africa, features a young boy who sees a star reflected in a pond, and is inexplicably able to catch it in a glass jar. Once he is asleep, the bright little star escapes its confines and whizzes around the house to bring to life the idyllic Christmas with the help of a trusty teddy bear. Not only is a bounty of toys, gifts, festive decorations and a feast conjured, but a lonely tree in the yard is transformed into a bright Christmas tree.

The story concludes with a simple tagline: ‘Share the wonder this Christmas’.

The ad is set to the soundtrack of the Perry Como song, Catch A Falling Star , which has been renditioned by local composer Alun Richards and recorded by Zolani Mahola, from Freshlyground.

“When I see the story unfold and hear the intimate nature of the delivery with the instruments, I feel that the magic of Christmas is present and alive. I’m hoping that audiences will have that sense as well,” says Mahola. “Ultimately, the song is about instilling a sense of how to make the impossible, possible,” she adds.

According to Christo Nel, executive creative director of Y&R: Team Pickl ‘n’ Pay, the 2015 Pick ‘n’ Pay Christmas campaign is based on the old adage that it’s never too late to have, or to create, a happy childhood.
“We reflected on and drew inspiration from Christmas through the eyes of a child; that unbridled, wide-eyed wonder and incredulity. The thrill of anticipation. A willingness to believe in magic. The allure of a Christmas tree lit up with fairy lights. The legend of Santa… and the joy and excitement of opening gifts with loved ones,” he says.

  James Weymouth, creative director of Y&R: Team Pick n Pay, also notes that at the heart of Pick n Pay’s Christmas commercial, lies the message that Pick n Pay makes a memorable Christmas affordable to all.
“What I really loved about the script was that Y&R South Africa came up with a story that really encapsulates something that is very rare nowadays – a sense of magical reality,” says Eye Magnet director, Johnny Cohen. “It’s been an incredible journey to see the aspects like the music and top-notch animation by Bladeworks come together to create a big-screen feel, which is brought to consumers on the small screen. “South Africa, we hope you enjoy it!” he concludes.

Compiled, edited and by: Jimmyadesanya (Facebook.com/LinkedIn)
@djshyluckjimmy (twitter/Snapchat)

Posted by: thebrandradio blog


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