Brothers Osine and Anesi have developed an Android web browser, Crocodile Browser Lite, which has been well received on Google Playstore. The duo is now working on a new project called ‘Project CrocChat’, which they say is ‘our first entry in the peer-to-peer communication space’
Nigerian teenage brother Osine Ikhianosime (13) and Anesi Ikhianosime (15) have developed an Android web browser, Crocodile Browser Lite, which has been well received on Google’s playstore.
The free browser, described as “Intuitive, Clean and Fast” browser for feature and low-end phones currently has 40, 000 downloads. The teenage brothers say they decided to create the web browser because, “We were fed up with Google Chrome,” according to Vanguard .
The duo developed a keen interest in technology and communication at a tender age.
Osine says his interest in computers and communications began at age seven, telling Vanguard that it was at this age that he and Anesi, who was nine at the time, came up with the idea of starting a company.
Both brothers write code and Anesi designs the user interface. The two eventually started the company which they called BluDoors .
The self-taught coding geek Anesi says: “I learnt to code by myself. I started in 2013, I used sites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like ‘Android for Game Development’ and ‘Games for Dummies’,” Vanguard reports. Osine on the other hand had a knack for computers at an early age.
The Crocodile Browser Lite app has been well received, with positive ratings on Google. The app currently has 2,517 reviews, receiving a five star rating 1,915 times.
A user, Ichiyoru wrote: “It’s so fast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something load so fast in my entire life! It’s like an Internet dream!”. Zach the DualVission wrote on Google playstore: “Seems like a good browser for lower end phones or phones on slow networks. It is really fast and has no extra bells or whistles. It runs tabs continuously which is good if you’re watching videos”.
The duo is currently working on a new project called “Project CrocChat and it is our first entry in the peer -to- peer communication space”.

Credits: Arthur Chatora

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