McCann Health, a division of McCann World Group, recently won two bronze awards at the 2015 CLIO Awards for its work on the AstraZeneca account for the Breathless Moments campaign.
McCann Johannesburg is the flagship and largest office on the African continent within the McCann World Group. Globally, it is one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks, with operations in over 120 countries.
The CLIO Awards are one of the most recognised international advertising, design and communications accolades – aimed at celebrating high achievement and recognising excellence in the industry. Entries for the awards are judged by peers selected from agencies across the globe.
The first award McCann Health Johannesburg received was for Disease Awareness – Integrated Campaign for the Breathless Moments campaign. The campaign’s objective was to create awareness and testing of respiratory disease, especially asthma, across Africa. With the support of Kenyan government and local police, Uhuru highway in Nairobi was blocked – motorists were stopped and breathalysed, this time not to check for alcohol, but to test for asthma. This simple idea made Africa take notice. The communication reminded people of the sheer magic of life and the importance of “making every breath count”. Of the 2000 people tested in two hours, 800 undiagnosed people tested positive for asthma.
Nigeria has since implemented the same concept, and other countries planning the same campaign are Angola, Ghana and Mauritius.
For the same campaign, the second award was for the category, Diseases Awareness – Out of Home . McCann Health Johannesburg was also nominated as a finalist under the category of Disease Awareness – Ambient.
“It took a really brave client to back such a brave work. It is great to get an award, but our campaign actually save lives. In fact, 70% of asthma sufferers in Africa remain undiagnosed. Through early screening we can literally save millions of lives,” says McCann regional creative director, Jacqui Mendelssohn. It was important for AstraZeneca to establish awareness for respiratory disease, as part of their commitment to decrease the prevalence of this disease across Africa.
Fatima Harnekar, AstraZeneca product manager says; “With McCann’s leadership and branding expertise, we quickly developed a refined, emotionally oriented brand positioning that transcends the rational reasons for using the various items in our respiratory product line.”
McCann Health Johannesburg has become a global hotspot, through its approach to treating health related issues in the same creatively driven fashion as classic consumer brands.
“Recognition for outstanding work is always well received. For us, it is an affirmation that as an agency we are becoming an ever more exciting proposition for prospective clients. We are taking people’s breaths away,” concludes Fraser Lamb, CEO of McCann World Group South Africa.

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