For weeks, the buzz has been on that from November 1 to 7 aflagging off at the Abraham Adesanya beach Lagos the COSON week will explode with seven mega entertainment events in seven different enchanting venues in Lagos during seven magical days, with each of the seven events having its own unique theme, style and presentation. The thousands of lovers of high octave entertainment who have been turned on by the buzz and want to be part of the groove which is massively trending on social media as ‘the World Cup of Entertainment in Nigeria’ or ‘the Olympic Games of Showbizness’ are already bombarding the Ikeja COSON office with questions like “what exactly will happen, where, when and how?”

At the media event which takes place at the Board room of COSON in Opebi, Lagos, each of the seven events will be uncovered as the date of each event, the venue, the theme and style is made public.
Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman of COSON and key driver of the COSON Week has said: “You will not attend a COSON Week event and not remember it for the rest of your life. In everything we do, we make every effort to be creative and original. While we study what others are doing, we do not recycle what is out there. We set the trend’.
According to Okoroji, “The elections in Nigeria are over and the elected officials and ministers have been announced more so as the custodians of entertainment in Nigeria, we have a duty to ease the tension in the land. In May, we had the magnificent COSON 5 Anniversary Celebrations and Roll of Honour Ceremonies. Nigerians have a right to ask about the seven days of magic which we promised earlier in the year. COSON is an organization bound by its words. I therefore want to restate categorically that the COSON Week will explode from November 1 to 7 this year and that we have already begun to burn the midnight oil so that we deliver on everything we have promised”
Speaking further, Chief Okoroji says, “The planning and logistics are mind boggling. He called on all partners, sponsors, advertisers, artistes, broadcasters, designers, technicians, that there is no time to waste any more.  I was at an event where Mr. Akinwumi Ambode spoke about his dream of a 24 hour a day economy in Lagos. For years, I have been talking about a 24 hour a day economy built on our tremendous creative energy with enormous employment and revenue potentials. I am happy that Governor Ambode is on the same key. We are singing the same song. I am now asking him to partner with us. We are ready to achieve that dream” okoroji further reteriorated.

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