We where lucky to bump into the easy going Uche Anisiuba of Quadron Studios. Tall, dark and soft-spoken, he shares his processes on how he rendered his recent short animated movie titled “wizkid starboy’s interview” inspired by Revolt TV. Uche declined to speak much about himself and his sorjourn so far in animation but these are his words on Quadron studios:


thebrandradioblog: Whats up UCHE? We saw you just dropped a lovely animated short online. Who did that lovely piece? can you walk us through how it was rendered from concept design to finish?

Uche Anisiuba: Thank you. My studio (Quadron studios) did the short from start to finish.


Uche Anisiuba: The video was inspired by wizkid’s interview with Revolt TV.  His speech about  being just an African kid like every other person and that every one can make it…basically the Nigeria dream.

thebrandradioblog: What were your workflows on the project and how many days did it take?

Uche Anisiuba: It was animated in maya and rendered in max. It was first render in maya but we tried max for a more realistic render and it came through.

Uche Anisiuba: Production time was like about a month but we used an additional month to sort out the business end of things.

thebrandradioblog: So for the general public that wish to do business with quardron (subsequently) be it advertising or music videos and the likes, a 60-90seconds animated would cost roughly how much?

Uche Anisiuba: It’s dependant on the script, a month of character designing; maybe, client and the projects complexity-usually we fix price per project.

thebrandradioblog: OK, that sounds realistic. Now tell us Uche, you worked on Wale and Ovie (…the wale e don show?) animated short that went viral few months back-i think Eri Umusu was on it too if am correct (from Richard’s ORANGE VFX STUDIOS?)

Uche Anisiuba: No I did not work on Wale and Ovie. I was to work on the second episode but I am starting up quadron so I couldn’t.

thebrandradioblog: Thank you so much for your time Uche. So would you mind dropping your contact if anybody around the world needs your company’s services soon?

Uche: Yeah, sure. You’re welcome.

Our contact is http://www.quadronstudios.com , info@quadronstudio.com , +2349091560814 (business calls only).

To our avid readers out there we recommend you see this creative animated video from the stable of QUADRON STUDIOS created by Uche Anisiuba.

Noteworthy: you need a vimeo account to view this lovely animated short due to copyright reasons.

We are sorry we couldn’t share the project on Youtube yet but we thank QUADRON Studios and Mr Uche Anisiuba for giving THEBRAND RADIO BLOG this exclusive interview coverage on the project.


Vimeo Video link below (watch and enjoy):

Credits: QUADRON Studios/Facebook.com/Anisiuba UCHE

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Exclusive to: thebrandradioblog.


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