Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial
automobile company, has joined other
Original Equipment Manufacturers
(OEMs) with interest in setting up
automotive assembly plant in Nigeria.
Tata will be partnering Iron Products and Industries (IPI) Limited that will fund the investment to the tune of $8 million on equipment and other machinery to assemble the Tata Zenon range of Pick-up trucks in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital towards the last quarter of 2015 as confirmed by reliable sources.


Since the introduction of the automotive policy by the Federal Government in 2013, Ravi Pisharody,executive director, commercial vehicles,Tata Motors Limited, said the automaker was going into partnership with IPI to assemble Tata Pick-up trucks under the SKD I and II automotive assembly regimes at various stages of development.
  IPI is a local automotive component
manufacturer, including steel and
aluminium plant. According to Ravi Pisharody, “Tata definitely has assembly plans for Nigeria. For us, it is one of the focused markets within Africa as well. We have plans to invest in assembly capacity and we are now at the finance and final stages of when the operations will kick off, but we are seriously looking at taking off” he said.



On quality, A K Jindal, head of
engineering commercial vehicles,
engineering research centre at the Tata
assembly plant in Pune, said the same
standard of vehicles produced in
different parts of the world by the
company would be replicated in Nigeria.

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