The Japanese Jewellery Design Awards (JJA) is the annual event organised by the Japan Jewellery Association with a view to promoting the advancement of Jewellery culture in the country. The event which opens in Tokyo on 26 August. A large number of fashion shows and stage events are held during the Japanese jewellery fair (JJF) to allow buyers appreciate and enjoy jewellery collections in all their colour and vibrancy. Exhibitors are invited to showcase their most spectacular jewellery(ies) and have them adorned by beautiful models wearing fabulous dresses.




        The awards, supported by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health,Labour, and Welfare,and the Tokyo Metropolitan
Government,are well known as the most prestigious jewellery design competition in Japan with its 25 year history.


        Ms Hiromi Nagasaku (middle)
         winner of “woman of the year”
            award WOTY 2014.

   The Miss Nippon Grand Prize winner will be on stage along with the award winning jewellery of the JJA Jewellery Design Awards 2015. A fashion show
featuring the winning items will be held to coincide with the awards.
  Last year there were 120 entries for the awards, with a total of 189 jewellery pieces submitted for the three categories. Of the 120 entries, 38 entries, totaling 71 jewellery pieces, were selected for awards and were put
on display in the exhibition hall. In addition, the top eight winners were presented their awards at a special
award ceremony and fashion show held on the Event Stage of the exhibition. The weakening of the Yen has improved profit margins on jewellery by 25% compared with just three years ago. Japan may be a great buy for fine japanese and restyeld jewellery afterall. Japanese fine jewellery and pearls are always one of the leading attractions that capture international buyer’s
  The event is supported and packaged by UBM JAPAN GROUP.

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