Honeywell urges quality control in baking business. Honeywell Flour Mills Plc has stressed the need for
bakers to embrace quality control in their business. In a statement from the company, the Managing Director, Honeywell, Mr. Lanre Jaiyeola, stated this in Lagos recently during the 27th Certificate Award Ceremony of the Honeywell Baking School.
  Jaiyeola noted that business owners stood to gain a lot by emphasising quality in their processes, as this
would impact positively on their bottom-line. He said Honeywell Flour Mills recognised that Nigerian bakers needed a broad mix of skills, adding that the company had committed resources to the training of over 360 master bakers from different parts of the country in a total of 27 regular courses and one executive course in the past one decade.
  According to him, the company’s vision has always been to equip bakers and bakery owners with the most important resource of knowledge and skills
required to run profitable operations and build enduring businesses.He said, “In an increasingly competitive world, we
believe improved quality of thinking usually provides the necessary competitive edge, an idea that opens
new doors to success, a technique that solves a problem, or an insight that simply makes a sense of it all.“As bakers, let your distributors/vendors and consumers know you for quality and give them the confidence that you use Honeywell Superfine flour and Honeywell Composite flour, the best quality types of flour in the market”.

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