Last Thursday, the governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, assured a delegation of Walmart executives that he was ready to give the necessary support to assist the firm in
establishing its presence in Lagos.
      Ambode said the presence of the Walmart brand in Lagos would go a long way not only to create jobs for the teeming youths, but also boost the
economy of the state.


     The Head of the Walmart delegation, Ms. Shelley Broader…who is the president and chief executive officer of Walmart’s Europe, the Middle East, Sub-
Saharan Africa (EMEA) region acknowledged the investment opportunities that abound in Lagos
state saying “We are incredibly excited and proud to be in this exciting state of Lagos.Just looking at the burgeoning economy and at the growth in this market is very exciting and now Walmart operates around the world in 28 countries and our mission is to lower the cost of living, to help people save and live better.” But not all Nigerians received with enthusiasm,the news of Walmart berthing in Lagos.

Here’s what people have been saying on social media.


“I think it’s a good idea because I’m
looking at it from the job creation angle.
Whenever I shop at Spar (their prices are
too high by the way), Shoprite and other
stores, I look at the cashiers and other
sales rep and ask myself, what business
could have provided this job for them.”


“It’s good in the sense that it’ll create
more jobs. I don’t like Walmart though.
They are overpriced and do not treat
their employees well.”


“Walmart in the US is an everyday kinda
store but in Nigeria due to the
socioeconomic climate, it’ll be a high
end kinda store. My fear is, in the future,
Walmart in Nigeria might be a dumping
ground for substandard products since
quality control in Nigeria is nonexistent.”

   We at brandradio.blog say “different folks different strokes” but whatever it is a fair trial and competition can never be underestimated in new markets.



Pictures of demolished former Ogun state secretariat being prepared for construction of Shoprite shopping mall    in Abeokuta the state capital.

photos: Jimmy Adesanya

credits: Peace Ben Williams.

Edited & posted by: @djshyluckjimmy
Facebook/instagram: jimmyadesanya.

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