1) “Think wellness think PHARMAHEALTHCARE”-cliche

comments: Must it be thought? ok what if i don’t want to think wellness, what if i just want to self destruct? what if?? what if???. People are tired of this tagline i call this “THE WOTIF-TAGLINE”. Matter of fact if you go to shomolu in Lagos which is “dubbed” as a guerilla creatives’ hub in Nigeria and you request a product or logo design be so sure that the graphic artist would have slapped this at the bottom of your artwork before you come back to pick it up!

2)”The best you’ve ever had”

Comments: For each time i have heard or read this copy/tagline i always feel like slapping the taste out of the creative’s mouth; for crying out loud how do you know the best i’ve ever had or heard. You don’t even know me-“SILLY”! aaaAAAARGH!! GEEEEZ!!! If there is a particular yardstick or unit of measurement for “sateity” or “satisfaction” then i can say -hell yeah you’re damn right!!!!!

3) “Best amongst the rest”

Comments: Hellooooooooo! creative!! “ARE YOU GOD”? This copy is too naive and egocentric as the writer can be. Even if you are a worldclass connoisseur of taste and class no man is still an island when it comes to the world’s existence. Please be modest when you compare and contrast.

4) “Product service just Got better”

Comments: Seriously this category of brand, people or creatives don’t deserve a paycheck. If you have to sing it into my ears that your brand or product/service just got better then you are probably lost on a proper choice of career or you simply do not have an inkling about that same product/service you are selling. This copy sounds so impoverish and desperate-it doesn’t communicate anything at all. If you had come out straight to the consumer like “…please buy this product my family needs the money” you could have been better-off!


5) “Home of quality product service”

Comments: One would have felt that mere looking at a brand shop, office, factory, studio or what have you, this station should at one glance depict what that set up is offering and just like i said earlier if a creative doesn’t know this popular saying in branding/advertising that “LESS IS MORE” then he or she should start reconsidering how that your “home of quality service” can be leased out to a correctional facility or better still a remand home.

6) “Bigger bottle, better value”

Comments: For me if i see this copy what instantly translates in my mind simply is “OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE-THAT JUST GOT BIGGER”.

7) “We will take you there”

Comments:…where? This copy is absolutely with no bearing or direction. It is “BLAND”, “FAKE” and absolutely “NON-TRUSTWORTHY”! if you are not Leo Burnett don’t ever try to sell yourself so desperately to a client’s face with this tagline. It’s so opportunistic and absolutely quack!


  Watchout for our next post on tips to copywriting and what not to write in a “PRESS RELEASE”.

Written by: @djshyluckjimmy
facebook/instagram: jimmyadesanya

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