Carlo Crocco formed MDM Geneve and released the first watch under this brand in 1980. Its porthole-like face inspired him to call it the “Hublot” (porthole). Today the Hublot brand is
owned by French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton S.A.Hublot is known for making top quality luxury
watches. These expensive watches are marvels of
technology.The brand that has collaborated with artists and
celebrates the spirit of a go-getter has fresh plans of
expansion. Excerpts were got from the Top man of HUBLOT  timemasters himself Ricardo Guadalupe who shares the brand highlights for this mid year 2015.

Can one still describe Hublot as the ‘art of fusion’?

Hublot was the first brand that started using precious metals along with rubber. It was unthinkable at that
time and it was because of the belief that consumers across the world want something new. So as a part of
our brand philosophy, we have been maintaining this fusion in everything we do. It is the use of different materials, designs, precious stones, mechanisms as well as the associations with sports and personalities

Is the use of new materials an aesthetic or technical choice?

For us, it is part of our DNA that stems not only from
aesthetics, but also from the technical aspect. The starting point might be aesthetics, but eventually if we are able to deliver high quality through technical
expertise, only then will customers invest in our brand.

What’s the outlook for 2015? Do you see any trends in terms of design?

For us, the only way forward is to stay on course to introduce new concepts in design, materials and
themes, and to keep growing the way we have been growing. Also, the retail environment has to match the
pace of the luxury watch industry growth. Hence, there will be concerted efforts by brands to start company-
owned mono boutiques so as to control the fakes,which are increasingly becoming a sore point. Lastly,the advent in smart technology will also help in bringing a new set of people in the watch industry. Someday,they will mature and move to luxury watches.

What is the key highlight among your offerings this

This year we are focusing on strengthening our
associations with our partners while forging new ones:
– The 10 year anniversary of Big Bang: we introduce 10 high jewellery watch models using different types of
precious stones. Each watch is of retail price starting from Rs 4.5 crores and going up to Rs 6.5 crores.
– Feminine touch with the Big Bang Broderie.
– In sports, we enter new sporting arenas of cricket,
poker, and boxing with world events and select
– With Ferrari, we bring out newer versions of Ferrari
watches taking our total collection to 15 variants. This
also includes the world record holder in power reserve-
La Ferrari.
– Besides the above, there are numerous new watch
models introduced this year highlighting new fashion
trends in shiny materials, colours, embroidery, etc
– For the corporate personality: Our classic fusion
range of watches in chronograph and non-chronograph
functions received a major boost as we added over 20
watch references strengthening this segment starting
from 33mm till 45mm.
Basically, we want to place a Hublot on every young person’s wrist across the world.

You’ve recently collaborated with artists like Romero Britto and Mr. Brainwash. In what way do these
collaborations benefit the brand?

Yes, these artists have brought another facet to Hublot.They have been able to bring to life the splash of colours and high fashion that is one of the intrinsic
needs of younger watch aficionados all over the world.
Our ‘Hublot Loves Art’ concept is spreading fast around
the world.

Who is the Hublot consumer?

Successful, fashionable, urban, not averse to taking risks, likes excitement in his/her life, leads a very active
social life, usually looked up to in his/her peer group,likes good things in life, and someone who has travelled
the world.

Below are 10 most expensive hublot wristwatches.

10) The Hublot 45mm Classic Fusion Zirconium self-winding chronograph with up to 50meters water resistance variants in alligator skin straps (black) just for $160,000


9) Hublot Tourbillon Solo
Bang Black ceramic cases,
ceramic bezel,dial and manual winding


8) Hublot Classic Pink Gold
and Diamonds. Steel case encrusted with pink gold and diamonds,rubber black bracelet. Like usual this watch was
created with hublot’s standards of
accuracy, performance, and water resistance.(Price tag: $180,000)


7) Hublot Tourbillon Big Date Power
Reserve Indicator water resistant up to 100 meters, platinum case with manual winding ($200,000).


6) Hublot Big bang King
($250,000). Ceramic case with off-
center hour and minute indicators at 12 o’ clock, beautiful black sapphire crystals, manual winding and up to 100metres water resistance.


5) Hublot Bigger Bang. First watch to feature a column wheel chronograph. It is housed in a diameter case without ball bearings. It has 262 components and is encrusted with 33 rubies.
The power reserve lasts for five days.
(price dash $260,000)


4) Hublot Bigger Bang Diamond
Tourbillon Limited Edition.
This rare and exclusive watch features a single push button that is located above the crown.This button operates the chronograph. The bezel is set with 48 baguette diamonds and the case is
encrusted with 212 diamonds.(Price $290,000)


3) Hublot Masterpiece
This “GEEK” right here features three settings. Its dial can be set to “slow” where an hour is shown as a quarter of an hour. The “normal” will display accurate time. The third
setting speeds up time by interpreting each actual quarter hour as one hour on the watch honestly i don’t understand this in a wrist watch i think this is mean, insane and super creative! well my peeps the price is just (305k dolls!!) DAEMN!!!


2) Oh! oh!! @ $1MULLA the Hublot Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang won the Grand Prix de Geneve Jewellery Watch prize in 2009. It is made of white gold (18K). The case, clasp and crown dial are encrusted with Baguette-cut black diamonds.OH LAWD THIS WRISTWATCH GAVE ME THE GOOSE BUMP-I MEAN A MILLION DOLLARS FOR A WRISTWATCH!!!! an award is underrated this wristwatch should be by the right hand side of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!





Did someone say The Hublot $5 million is the most expensive
watch in the world nahh you must be silly-beyonce could only afford one of these for her husband jayz the 1,200
diamonds encrusted in it weighs 140 carats. Six of these
diamonds weigh at least three carats each “I MEAN THATS LIKE MY AN ENTIRE STATE BUDGET ON SOMEONE’S WRIST!!  Umphhh!!!

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