Norway will shut down FM radio in the country
beginning in 2017, Radio.no reports . The Norwegian
Ministry of Culture finalized a shift date this week,
making it the first country to do away with FM radio
entirely. The country plans to transition to Digital Audio
Broadcasting (DAB) as a national standard.
A statement released this week by the Ministry of
Culture confirms a switch-off date that was proposed
by the Norwegian government back in 2011. The
government has concluded that the country is capable
of meeting all the requirements necessary for a smooth
transition to digital.
“Listeners will have access to more diverse and
pluralistic radio-content, and enjoy better sound quality
and new functionality,” Minister of Culture Thorhild
Widvey said in a statement. “Digitization will also
greatly improve the emergency preparedness system,
facilitate increased competition and offer new
opportunities for innovation and development.”
DAB currently offers 22 national channels as opposed
to FM’s five, and has the capacity to host almost 20
more. The cost of transmitting radio channels through
FM is also eight times higher than the cost of DAB
transmission, the ministry reports.
DAB has been available in Norway since 1995. DAB+,
an updated form of DAB, was made available in 2007.
According to the Ministry of Culture, it will be up to
radio broadcasters to choose between DAB and DAB+
transmissions, although it is likely that by 2017, most
broadcasting in the country will be in DAB+.
Several other countries in Europe and Southeast Asia
are also considering a national move to DAB, but no
other country has confirmed a timeline, Radio.no
Norway’s FM shutdown will begin on January 11th,
Moji Delano quotes “Before now I’ve never even heard of DAB. Wonder what technology will have come up with 10 years from now. I’m excited about the future of technology-God sparing our lives”. But i will say HD radio had been around for a while now and apart from all the advantages it poses from low running cost to crisp clear sound the feature i like most about it is that song titles, artiste name and album info. are streamed live alongside the radio frequency dial on your digital recievers just like a DVD reads them. Did i hear you say “AWESOME”!

Source: mojidelano via Radio no.

Edited and posted by: @djshyluckjimmy
facebook/instagram: @jimmyadesanya


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